Tamia is a picturesque spot overlooking the valley of Narmada. The view of Dudhi plateau from here is the most spectacular. Untouched and unexplored, Tamia is the perfect location to disconnect from the world and experience absolute tranquility. A few houses on the hill top offer panoramic views of the steep hills, vast greenery and deep valleys. Inaccessible for a very long time, Tamia has stayed away from any form of commercialization, and makes for the perfect monsoon getaway. The experience is akin to visiting the forests depicted in your childhood books and cartoons!

About 23 Km from Tamia,Patalkot, or the hidden world is a mystical valley located in Tamia block of Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh. Located approximately 3000 feet above mean sea level. Patalkot' name comes from Sanskrit word "Patal" that means very deep. There is a belief that after worshipping 'Lord Shiva', Prince Meghnad son of Ravana had gone to Patal-lok through this place only. People say that Bhonsle Kings ruled this place in the 18th and 19th Centuries and that there was a long tunnel connecting this place to Pachmarhi in Hoshangabad District. The Bhonsle King after defeated from British Army found this place suitable for hiding and went deep into the forest of Patalkot. The area is called RajaKho in Patalkot. Traditionally, the site is believed to be the entrance to Patal.

The deep and dense forests also make Tamia a place of vast ecological and botanic diversity.The tribes of Patalkot use the forest plants to make medicines. The herbal practitioners are known as Bhumkas. They make pulps and extracts of plants for curing illnesses. They have medicinal treatments intended to aid with illnesses including, measles, cholera, hypertension, diabetes, coughs, snake bites, and pains. There exist several mythological beliefs and traditional narratives that connect the origins of Patalkot to Mahadeo hills – a sacred site for Lord Shiva. Chota Mahadeo peak near Tamia an offshoot of Mahadeo hills surrounding Pachmarhi (the only hill station in MP on a plateau) is situated in the vicinity of the valley. According to locals, the deep gorge in Patalkot is owing to the mythical journeys of Shiva in the ‘Tapovan’ of this valley.

People & Local Beliefs

The valley is home to the Gond and Bharia tribes of Madhya Pradesh. The tribes normally engage in subsistence agriculture, cultivation of seasonal crops and vegetables on small patches, collecting non timber forest produce and animal rearing. They also utilise several kinds of grass to weave beautiful bamboo and Chhind (date-palm) baskets relevant for household purposes. Till a few decades ago, the tribes living here were totally disconnected from the outside world because of the difficult terrain leading up to the valley, and the dense forests sprawling across. Because of this disconnectedness and seclusion, the Bharias and Gonds established a close friendship, and dependence with the ‘sacred’ forests around them.

Places of Interest

Badal Bhoi State Tribal Museum

This is also a small museum which showcases tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, their way of living, traditional festivals, ornaments, clothes, musical instruments in form of paintings and artifacts that are shaped by the tribal artists.

Other Places of Excursion

Vulture Point
Anhoni(Warm Water Kund)
Sinrise & Sunset Point(Tamia)
Chota Mahadeo
Vulture Point
Gwal Garh
Bander Khudani
Lala Pahadi

Getting there

58 km from Chhindwara , 75 km from Pipariya & 220 km from Bhopal.

Best time to Visit

During monsoon & early winter.