Delawadi is a picturesque picnic spot, located at 70 km from Bhopal on Rehti road approachable through NH-12, lush in scenic splendor and natural beauty. Madhya Pradesh Eco Tourism Development Board has developed Delawadi Forest Camp as a peerless eco-tourism destination. Delawadi is situated within the Ratapani wildlife sanctuary .The tourism department offers camping, trekking and bird watching facilities in the forest. Delawadi is also base point to visit Ginnorgarh fort (Archeological site - 3 kms).

Places of Interest

Ginnorgarh Fort

Ginnorgarh is a historical fort, situated 3 km from Delawadi. Standing on a 1127 metres long and 266 metres broad isolated hill, the fort is a beautiful picnic spot, surrounded by picturesque location.Earlier Ginnorgarh fort was under the stronghold of Gonds, but later it fell to Dost Mohammad, the ruler of Bhopal State. The fort can be accessible fort only on foot from Delawadi.

The fort is perched on a hill with an elevation of about 670 Meters (about 2345 Feet from MSL) upon a plateau of about 1,127 metres Length (3944.5 Feet) and a width of about 266 metres (931 Feet). One can only wonder and imagine how the Gond kings would have built this fort, at this altitude, with such a treacherous climb. A marvel in itself. The fort is practically carved out of a hill itself, with only the two of the seven 'reported' floors visible above the ground level. One of the architectural splendors of the fort is its water management. The fort has an amazing array of Bawadi,s (water tanks) virtually woven all over the hills, at various places, at different levels. As per our guide, Jeetendra Jaat, there are 52 recorded Bavadi’s, which were taking care of the water requirements of the fort, at the time.

The fort has two fabulously designed and built palaces, the first being the palace of the queen and the other and slightly grander being the palace of the king’The top of the fort offers scintillating views of the valleys below.A few miles away, visible from the top of the Kings Palace, is the hill on which the Stables, at the time were. The structures housing the personal guards and the staff etc, are built below the main hillock.


Salkanpur Temple is situated on an 800 ft high hillock, over 2100 feet above the sea level, in the heart of the Vindhyachal Ranges. Salkanpur Temple is located in near Rehti village Dist. Sehore Madhya Pradesh. Devoted to one of the incarnations of goddess Durga, the presiding deity in Salkanpur Temple is of Ma Durga Beejasan. It is also linked to the legend of the Shaktipeeth in Hindu mythology. Mythologically this place has gained its own religious value and it’s been now a pilgrimage for millions. It is a place of unmatched natural beauty and tranquility, where calm and repose are all-pervading. shelter, Ginnograh Fort (3 km from Delawadi) are the nearby attractions.

Ratapani Tiger Reserve

The Ratapani Tiger Reserve, located in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh, in Vindhya Range in central India, is one of the finest teak forests in the state and is less than 50 km. away from the capital Bhopal. Its close proximity to the capital and its relatively untouched forests makes it a promising attraction for tourists. A number of seasonal streams irrigate the site in the monsoon, and water is retained in some pools along these streams even in the summer. Two large reservoirs, namely Barna Reservoir and Ratapani Dam (Barrusot lake) are among the major waterbodies adjacent to or inside the sanctuary.

The forest of Ratapani is dry deciduous and moist deciduous type, with teak as the main tree species. Bamboo overlaps the two aforementioned forest types and covers about one quarter of the forest area. The reserve is rich in flora and fauna and a wide variety of birds and mammals call it their home. A large variety of wildlife is found in the wildlife sanctuary. Some precipitous hills have cliffs; have large rock blocks and talus at the base. This unique feature provides shelter to various animals like vultures, reptiles and small mammals. Carnivores are the tiger, panther, wild dogs, hyena, jackal and fox and the herbivores include chital, sambhar, blue bull, four horned antelope, languor, rhesus monkey and wild boar. The omnivorous bear is also seen often. Smaller animals, like squirrels, mongooses, gerbils, porcupines, hares, etc. are of common occurrence.

Getting there

70 km from Bhopal, 35 km from Hoshangabad.

Best time to Visit

Throughout the year.