Chidikho Wildlife sanctuary is one among the 442 wildlife sanctuary in India & 39 to be specified in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The unique name of this wildlife paradise has derived from the Hindi word “Chidiya” (meaning bird) & Kho (meaning den). As the name suggest it was named ChidiKho because of the rich birdlife that is found in this wildlife paradise. Chidikho Wildlife sanctuary is also called “Paradise of Peacock”. The sanctuary is open throughout the year so one can visit the sanctuary in any season. Rainy season is best to cherish the beauty of ChidiKho but wildlife sighting is poor in rains.

For wildlife sighting summers are the best as animals come down from hilly areas of the sanctuary for water & prey towards the tala (Chidi kho lake). If you are a bird watching enthusiast than winters are for you. The sanctuary is rich in Avi fauna & one can spot state bird of Madhya Pradesh (paradise flycatcher) & peacock (India’s national bird) in great numbers apart from it there are also 64 resident birds that can be seen throughout the year. There are also number of migratory birds that comes in winter. Though the sanctuary is not a very big one & has an area of 57.197 Sq. Km. (Reserve Forest) but it is comparatively very rich in bird & wildlife. A rich bio-diversity can be seen in the region which adds to its beauty.

Places of Interest

Wildlife in Chidikho

Chidikho is fairly rich in wildlife & one can easily spot jackals ,Spotted deers , wild pig, langoors, sambhar deer & crocodiles .Apart from these honey bagger, leopard, rat, snake, indian rock python are sighted regularly (mostly during night safari’s).

Activities to do at ChidiKho

There are several activities that one can do at Chidikho like going on a Nature trail or enjoying a cycle ride the jungle. There are also jungle safari’s & Bird Watching, Boating can also be done apart from enjoying the spectacular view of the sanctuary from watch towers that are situated on hilly areas of the sanctuary.

Near By places to Visit

The ChidiKho wildife sanctuary is next to Narsinghgarh(10km) & one can see one of the most spectacular fort in the State of Madhya Pradesh. It is 15 minute drive from the sanctuary. Narsinghgarh also known as the “kashmir of malwa” has several other tourist destinations such as Bada Mahadev Mandir, Chota Mahadev Mandir, Gupteshwar Mahadev Mandir, Nadiya Pani, Kodu Pani, Badi Hanuman Gadi, Choti Hanuman Gadi and also have the jal Mandir.Chidikho is truly a wildlife paradise & unexplored forest land in the heart of incredible India. It is a must visit place for all the wildlife & nature lovers. The beauty of Chidikho is truly matchless & a treat to the eyes. This delightful nature paradise is also popularly known as” Kashmir of Malwa ” & when you will visit the place,I am sure you will have no qualms to it.

Getting there

80 KM from Bhopal, 221 KM from Indore.

Best time to Visit

In Rainy season.